The Anglers 4 Anglers (“A4A”) tournament trail was established to provide a platform for the novice and advanced Bass angler alike, to further develop their skills and tournament preparedness as anglers in a social, fun, enjoyable and competitive environment at an affordable price without having to be affiliated to any club or Bass fishing organization in order to compete.

The aim of the A4A tournament trail is to prepare, guide, assist and inform the aspiring tournament anglers with the desire to compete against the best Bass anglers South Africa has to offer while keeping the conservation of the Bass and the sport of Bass fishing at the core of it all.

The A4A has the support of multiple seasoned/ veteran anglers who will compete in the trail to ensure the required level of competitiveness is maintained which will establish the platform for the development of the aspiring anglers.

In partnership with the support of the trail’s sponsors, the perfect foundation will be laid to enable the anglers to achieve their goals.

In order to provide the above to anglers, the A4A has appointed a committee/ organizers that consist of seasoned tournament anglers as well as young upcoming anglers to provide a balance between experience of the cut-throat tournament environment and what the new, young and upcoming anglers’ requirements and thought processes are.

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